Changing Lives Through Organization – At Organize to a T the goal is to streamline your home and life with solutions that are easy to set up, maintain and budget friendly.


My Story

Hello! I’m Tiffany and it’s so nice to meet you!

I’m a born and raised California girl who loves the beach and my family. I’ve always been an organized person but for years all my free time was spent at the baseball field or basketball courts with my 2 boys, running a business never seemed like something that could be done. Now that our kids are grown, my husband and I moved to sunny Arizona, which was always the plan once the kids were old enough. 

When we finally moved, a simple pantry organization turned into several trips to Target and a lot of bins that just didn’t work for my vision. I wanted something to lay out my plan and have a shopping list in hand so I knew what I was buying would work and my vision would come to life. When I found a way to do that, that’s when Organize to a T became a business that made sense.

When I’m not in organizing mode, I’m probably, spending time with family, lounging at the pool, paddle boarding, making a charcuterie board or of course shopping at Target and the Container Store. I want to know more about you, so let’s be friends and chat soon!!


Organize to a T is a bit different than other organizing companies, our goal is to set you up to successfully transform you’re your space on your own and within your budget. I can absolutely come in and organize the space for you, however, most of our clients prefer to do it themselves to help save money. How it works is during our initial consultation we will talk about your project, goals and budget. Following the consultation, you will fill out a project form that is emailed to you. The information you will provide is detailed measurements of several before photos. Once I receive this information I get to work. I put everything in a program I use and then provide you with a detailed planogram and shopping list. Once the planogram and shopping list have been completed, we will get on a quick virtual meeting to go over the plan to obtain approval or to discuss any changes you may like to make. Once approval is received, the planogram, shopping list, and written step by step on how to lay everything out will be emailed to you. Once you have all this information, you can complete your project at your own pace by shopping and setting everything up using the step-by-step guide.